"Victory Strings" came together as a group of musicians at church, playing together during church services, and afterwards sitting around and picking for fun. Brother Curtis, the music director, began sticking around to listen and sing along. It didn't take long for us to begin getting together at each other's homes for fellowship and music, usually once or twice a month. From there, we began receiving invitations to sing at various occasions and began to practice more often. We were invited to sing at Share-a-Thon for WTBI in November of 2004, and decided to name ourselves "Victory Strings". "Victory in Jesus" is our theme and strings represent our bluegrass gospel style. We've had a few changes over the years, and we'd love to mention past as well as present members of our group:
Steve Bell - Banjo and Mandolin, Bill Sanders - Bass, Shawn Street - Banjo, Mike Wilson - Mandolin and Bass, Donnie Baker - Vocals, Aaron Limbaugh - Bass and Vocals, Robbie Nix - Guitar and Vocals, Carl Hensley - Dobro, Guitar and Vocals, Colton Lockaby - Banjo, Guitar and Vocals, and Curtis Limbaugh - Vocals
We believe the Lord has put Victory Strings together and has opened doors for us to minister the gospel in song. "To God be the Glory."​​​​​​​